Level 1 GFX Coach Online

Train swing coordination and overcome body limitations on the lesson tee or in the gym.

Using the Golf Fitness X Functional Golf Swing Training Coaching resources, maximize your student's body and swing routine and results with the Power Peel and the additional Orange Whip products in a private, 1 on 1 lesson or personal training session. (Based on profession)

Level 2 GFX Coach. Live Certifications Coming Soon!

Provide live GFX SWODS. Make up to an additional $2800/month.

Coach 2-3 classes a week in addition to your current offerings. Charge $10-$20 per student per class. Average 6-12 participants in each class. You do the math. Your athletes will swing better, feel better and play better, keeping them coming back for more. It's been done. Live Level 2 Certifications coming soon!

Additional GFX Education Tracks

Junior Golf, Golf Clinics and Group Training with GFX and Orange Whip Products

These body and ball flight-based learning tracks for Certified Coaches can immediately be used to upgrade your group training sessions, golf clinics, and junior programs. With over 20 new lessons that include video content, lesson plans, infographic exercise handouts, and more you will be sure to improve your golfer’s bodies and ball flights. Sign up for our email list for updates!

FREE Power Peel User’s Interactive Guide

Learn how to maximize your Orange Whip Products as an Industry Professional

This free Power Peel courses provide an introduction to GFX training and resources to maximize body and swing results using the Power Peel and the additional Orange Whip full swing products.

FREE Webinars

Learn everything from "Creating a Game-Changing Routine" to "Beating Side Hill Lies" with our webinar series.

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