Cost and What is Provided

Assess and correct the swing from both sides of the coordination and fitness spectrum.

  • Online interactive learning course

  • Access to over 100+ body and swing educational videos, drills and exercises

  • Access to the Functional Golf Swing and Body Screening and GFX Dashboard

  • Orange Whip Golf and Fitness Equipment tutorial content

  • Access to daily workouts, swing training and drills for 1 year

  • GFX Level 1 Coaches Exam and Certificate of Completion

  • Level 1 Coaches Tools containing GFX marketing materials, collateral and more

  • A GFX Coaches’ Code to receive commissions based on membership sign up, referrals and equipment sales

  • GFX Certified Coach t shirt

  • Discounted GFX tools and equipment

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Bundle Includes the New Power Strap & Speed Kit

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About Us

Comprised of GFX Head and Master Coaches, these industry professionals with numerous certifications in both Golf Instruction and Fitness, have spent countless hours changing athletes bodies and ball flights on the lesson tee and in the gym. Now, they bring their proven methods to you in a certification course, providing you the tools to train your athletes' coordination and improve their fitness at the same time. That's "X."

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Tools to Launch Your GFX Program

We provide you the materials you need

Included in your Level 1 Coaches tools, get flyers, email blasts, downloaded videos, and more to launch, build and grow your GFX Program.
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Get GFX Certified to Change Bodies & Ball Flights

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Earn commissions and additional revenue with your new offerings as a GFX Coach

Course Requirements

Participants must meet one the following guidelines to enroll. Credential details will be required when registering

  • Must be employed at a golf facility or currently instructing golfers

  • Active PGA Apprentice or Professional

  • Must be a Certified Personal Trainer by an accredited source

  • Must have a 2 year degree in an exercise or biomechanics field